Customized “CHANEL” iPhone Case

There is a sudden craze for the Chanel Nail Varnish iPhone case. Everyone fashionista is trying to get their hands on one. A couple of sellers on Etsy are selling these cases and you do a careful google search – you’ll find more sellers.

As usual – I’ve to push the boundaries – so I created my own “design”! I can change the color of the nail varnish, the name of the color as well as the color code.

Here’re the first two prototypes I’ve made! Tested the photo on FB and got a lot of positive remarks from friends. And have received a few personal requests from friends to make the case for them. Looks like I’ve got my “gifting” problem sorted for these next few months. I always have a huge challenge trying to find gifts for friends – so I’ll sometimes go to a party empty handed – and tell the host/hostess that I need more time to find gifts for them!

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