A Beary Cute iPhone Case

Meet my new iPhone 5 case – Moschino’s ‘Gennerinio The Bear’. Would have loved it more if it had not been in red. Well – I cannot complain as I managed to get it at 20% off. I have wanted this since Moschino came out with it for iPhone 4S. Unfortunately – at the time it was released – iPhone was about to launch iPhone 5 – so I waited till now for Moschino to produce this same case for iPhone 5!

It has a powdery feeling on top of the rubberized case. As such – it’s quite slippery – but the arms of the Gennerinio will prevent your phone from slipping off. Am sure I will love it more had I gotten the brown/nude colored one.

The case is easy to slip on and off as it’s rubberized. But I am really not sure how long I can keep it clean. Rubberized cases tend to attract more dirt!

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2 Responses to A Beary Cute iPhone Case

  1. Betty Hood says:


    This has little to do with this post (although I did pick up a gorgeous slip case for my iPhone 5 – while waiting for a delayed flight back to the US in Rome – a Dolce Gabbana case that was actually marketed for men, and it’s the last case I’ll ever get, unless of course, Apple makes the phone even slimmer, as reported. I LOVE it!

    Rather this has to do with Dexter, my Shih Tzu. I was looking at pics of your babies, so adorable, and noticed their whiskers were white. Dexter’s, over the years, have turned brown, as has the hair around the ducts. I can understand the staining around the eyes, but not the other. I have tried supplements praised by others but to no effect. How do you keep yours so white?


    • sl says:

      So sorry for the super late reply. Have not been really active on the blog for over a year! We put eye drops on their eyes once a day. It’s ok to use human eye drops. We also clean the eye area with tissue daily. More importantly, keep the fur away from their eyes. Everytime you play your furkid, look at the eyes and see if any fur got it. HTH

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