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I shop, I hoard! Bad combination. I am on a daily journey to learn the art of letting go instead of acquiring more!

The Lil Loyal Monkey

This is a story about a lil monkey who was so loyal to his master monkey. He climbed trees without the master monkey telling him to. He brought back coconuts without the master monkey telling him to. He did everything … Continue reading

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Yi Action Camera – Reviewed by Cyclists

I have been obsessed with Xiaomi since they launched here in Malaysia. At one point – I was totally hooked on buying their phones and PowerBanks because it was so challenging to be able to secure products on that particular … Continue reading

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Why I don’t read food blogs!

A food blogger says there should be mint leaves in Penang Curry Mee! S/he said the mint leaves were missing from a bowl of Penang Curry Mee she recently reviewed! Another one writes that the first time she tasted Vietnamese … Continue reading

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Chanel Paris-Salzburg in Malaysia

Chanel probably throws the most elaborate and detailed events here in Malaysia compared to all the other brands. Every collection, depending on how the Kaizer presents the show – Malaysia will follow in close pursuit. Every time, I have to … Continue reading

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Jonathan Adler X Tumi Collaboration

The hoarder in me hoards luggage bags as well. What’s the whole point of having nice handbags and no decent luggage bags to travel with? For years – my favorite luggage brand has been Mandarina Duck. The wheels on my … Continue reading

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A closetful of Chanel Bags Vs. Prescription Glasses

This morning was spent with a group of children in Desa Mentari flats. We tested 65 children for prescription glasses. 55 children needed glasses and eventually 10 adults – mostly single mothers and elderly had prescription glasses made. This initiative … Continue reading

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