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Chanel Paris-Salzburg in Malaysia

Chanel probably throws the most elaborate and detailed events here in Malaysia compared to all the other brands. Every collection, depending on how the Kaizer presents the show – Malaysia will follow in close pursuit. Every time, I have to … Continue reading

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Customized “CHANEL” iPhone Case

There is a sudden craze for the Chanel Nail Varnish iPhone case. Everyone fashionista is trying to get their hands on one. A couple of sellers on Etsy are selling these cases and you do a careful google search – … Continue reading

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Open Toe Boots

Honestly, I’ve never been a boots person. The weather here simply does not agree with boots. I’ll not even wear a pair of H boots here! However, these Chanel Open Toe Boots – love at first sight! I first saw … Continue reading

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Purple or Green?

Two of my favorite colors. Purple and green. And of course my favorite brand of nail polish. I have never really gotten into the goth side of fashion. So the purple nail polish came out a tad too dark when … Continue reading

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