Celine Trapeze Test Drive

This is probably my third Celine bag. My previous favorite Celine bag was the denim Celine Boogie bag.

Right before my Paris trip during the last quarter of 2012, I saw a Trapeze that was right up my alley – an all grey Trapeze in felt! I “thought” I’ll be able to find something better in Paris and passed on that bag. At that time – I had no idea that there was a WAIT LIST for Celine bags at our local boutique. And I was not aware that these bags came in limited quantities and colors/leather combos for each different season. Had I known all these information – I would have grabbed the grey Trapeze!

After coming back from Paris sans the Celine Trapeze – I went to our local boutique to see if the grey Trapeze was still there. And it was then that I garnered all the above information about the bag. I then asked my friend who was visiting the UK to hunt one down for me. She found an all black one in Scotland and I passed on it. Another friend said the Trapeze looks like it has bat ears!

A couple of weeks back – our local Celine boutique called and said they have 4 new Trapeze in hand. The SA WhatsApp me pics of the bag and I told her to put one of the small Trapeze on hold for me. It there was indeed a wait list for the bag – it was a rather short wait! Lol

I went to the boutique and picked up the bag. It was not exactly love at first sight but after all the hassle of trying to land one – I just decided to buy it.

Today – I brought her out for the first time. I do not like the delicate calfskin as I am not huge fan of babying my bags. I love the natural linen sides and the inside inside of the bag is also partially lined with the same heavy linen material.

I love the size of the bag. Carried the longer strap around today but did not use it. So finally – I just removed the longer strap. The handle is large enough to slip over the shoulder comfortably. And I love the fact that the bag is tri-colored – black, navy and cream – so this bag can match a lot of outfits.

The clasp is a bit troublesome, though. You have to flip the square clasp down, turn the clasp, then flip the flap open. And do the reverse to close the bag!

Will I buy more Celine bags? If they make a denim Trapeze – I’m definitely up for it.

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4 Responses to Celine Trapeze Test Drive

  1. mw says:

    Hi there, I recently bought a burgundy trapeze from a friend but she has misplaced her long strap.

    I see that you dont seem to use the strap. I tried to order it fr celine but had no luck.

    I know its a bit odd but would u sell your long strap by any chance? Im the opposite of u as I love my bag with longer strap..

    Please let me know what u think. And btw, really enjoyed reading your review! I got my first celine and am loving it 🙂

    Thank you. Looking forward to your reply.

  2. M w says:

    Hi there, I stumbled upon your review while I was researching for a celine bag shoulder strap. I recently bought the same bag from a friend but unfortunately she has misplaced her strap. I see that you don’t quite like carrying the bag with the strap, just wondering if you would be interested in selling your strap to me?

    Would be great if you could let me know. I’m ready to pay a couple hundred dollars for it.

    Thanks 🙂

    • sl says:

      Thanks for reading my review on the Celine Trapeze. I really love the bag. And I definitely prefer it without the strap. I am a self-confessed hoarder – although I don’t use the strap, I still need to hoard it! However, I’ll do my best to ask around if any of my gal pals have a strap that they do not want. Have you considered using other straps from your other bags? Perhaps that can work out for you?

      • M W says:

        Hi, thanks for your reply. I understand that you would like to keep your bag complete.. But yes, it’d be great if you could ask your friends if they are happy to sell their straps! Unfortunately most of my bags are shoulder bags, thus I don’t really have other options 🙁

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