Why I don’t read food blogs!

A food blogger says there should be mint leaves in Penang Curry Mee! S/he said the mint leaves were missing from a bowl of Penang Curry Mee she recently reviewed! Another one writes that the first time she tasted Vietnamese Pho was when she went to Australia for holiday! …these are the many reasons I don’t read food blogs!

More often than not – the food blogger will be biased as they probably got the meal for free and as such – they are obligated to write a decent word or two about the or establishment.

Food is very personal. Some people may develop a more cultivated taste buds overtime. Some never develop their taste buds at all. Some bloggers hailed from smaller towns – where they grew up with say not one Japanese restaurant in town. So how can you expect to read the views of such bloggers on Japanese food? Some have never eaten decent steaks before because there never was a decent western restaurant where they grew up in!

Taking great pictures does not a good food blogger make. Do not be fooled by just great pics. The blogger’s background should be the focus. How often does s/he eat out? Is she or he well-travelled? You can expect a college kid to write great food blogs. The only exception is if┬áthis kid has great parents exposing him to fantastic food and travels!

Nothing pisses me off more than eating bad food! I love to eat! So I want to make sure the calories that go in are good calories. You will put in the same amount of calories whether you eat a great slice or cake or a bad slice of cake! So the calories better be worth it!

The best way to find new food/restaurants/cafe is by driving around. Fortunately for me, my job requires a fair bit of driving around to see my clients. The best times to discover new places are when I have to drive to a new place to see a new client. And very soon – if we secure that person as a new client – s/he will give suggestions as to where we can go for lunch or tea or dinner meetings nearby!

Another way for me to find new places to eat is through friends’ recommendations. I will always listen to the same friend maximum of two times. If s/he suggested a not so great food the first time – s/he will still get a second chance. After that – I will ask for food suggestions from them. For new places that I chance upon – I will try the place once. It’s either a hit or miss but it’s ok. At least one chance was given.

Friends who come up with great food places are the best kinds of friends. Value their feedback! And I will reciprocate by sharing my own great finds with them. These same circle of friends will also have great recommendations when you go overseas. And speaking of overseas – those are probably the only times I have to refer to “blogs” to get an idea of where to eat. However, so far, I have been lucky – I have well-travelled friends to rely on.

Once, one of my friends refused to eat at a new restaurant I just discovered! Her reason was that no one had written a blog about it yet! Friends who are willing to go on food advertures with you should also be valued!

Looks like it’s time to throw a party to celebrate these great friends or to send them a thank you note for their years of great food recommendations!

Recent satay recommendation by a friend

Recent satay recommendation by a friend

New place discovered as it was near one of the many car workshops BF likes to hang out it!

New place discovered as it was near one of the many car workshops BF likes to hang out it!

A cafe near a friend's house.

A cafe near a friend’s house.

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