Full-time procrastinator. Part-time dreamer.

This blog started in 2008 with only 2 entries made. I shall endeavor to transfer those entries here when I stop procrastinating.

Even before the blog got started – I stressed over the name of the blog instead of the content!┬áSo why bother keeping a blog after such a feeble start? I am doing this for myself – on a daily basis – I’m surrounded by people who speaks appalling English. It has reached a point where I feel I am also speaking and writing bad English. To improve – I have to start writing. I know I read enough books in a year – an average of one book per week can be classified as enough, yes?

I was also lured by the WordPress iPad and iPhone app! So this blog will predominantly be written on both products. And almost all photos here will be taken with the iPhone camera. Yes – I’m an Apple junkie!

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