It “Rained” Chanel

My birthday month was last month, March. I normally don’t make a big deal out of my own birthdays. I don’t enjoy celebrating my own birthday either. And I don’t make it a habit to buy myself a pressie for my birthday. The only exception the 38mm white ceramic J12 that I bought for myself on my birthday 3 years ago!

This year – I got to enjoy 5 beautiful Chanel bags on my birthday – all eye candies were sent on the actual date of my birthday! My cousin who was attending a wedding in Hawaii sent me 4 of these photos. She saw these bags in a consignment store in Hawaii.

Then later in the evening, my high fashion BFF sent via BBM a photo of her tomato red new flap. I love the smaller quilting on the flap and the bigger diamond quilting on the bottom part of the flap.

After I saw the tomato flaps – I rushed to the boutique the very next day to try on that same “In The Business” flap in grey and dark blue. I will post mod photos in another entry.






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Life is Fragile!

Today, I lost my cousin-in-law, Daniel. It’s a sad day for our family. My cousin, June, found herself the perfect man a little over 18 years ago. Daniel was a kind, considerate and loving husband to her. With the rest of our huge extended family – he was always jovial and very entertaining.

This morning – we still had hopes that Daniel was still alive and well. We were all hoping that someone stole his car and that he probably was injured and lying in a hospital bed somewhere. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

I know my cousin, June is a strong person. However, I myself cannot imagine the amount of strength it’ll take to recover from such a great loss. He was the perfect fit in her life. He was her right hand, her pillar of love and strength, her everything.

Rest in peace, Daniel. We will all miss you and will hold your forever in our thoughts and prayers.

The above photo was taken on the first day of CNY this year. Daniel (with the Adidas runners) stuck his foot in at the last minute as I was snapping the photo. He then went on to explain that the retro tiles on the floor were all hand painted!

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He Shops, She Shops

How often do you find a significant other who shares the same passion as you in shopping? I am quite blesses in this lifetime to find one such SO!

My SO understands the needs to find the perfect pair of shoes. He understands the needs to have more than 10 pairs of slim jeans in difficult shades of denim. He know all the brand names. And the best part is that he can unearth new designers better than me!

He will walk all over Paris to all the LV boutiques to search for a belt in XS for me. We spent almost the whole day walking to all the LV boutiques in Paris so that I can exchange my S belt for an XS. We tried calling the boutiques and figured that we might as well take a “walking tour” instead.

Three days ago – after receiving news that I have lost yet another pitch, my SO decided that we should go shopping. I was not in any mood to shop. Nevertheless, my SO managed to find these two pairs of Y3. He ended up buying the white one (the Japanese Edition model. These shoes were designed to commemorate World Cup last year. So, this year, the shoes are a steal at 60% off.

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It’s a Cassette!

I love “procuring” accessories for my iPhone. My latest iPhone cover is this retro “cassette” case. Love it!

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Purple or Green?

Two of my favorite colors. Purple and green. And of course my favorite brand of nail polish.

I have never really gotten into the goth side of fashion. So the purple nail polish came out a tad too dark when applied.

The green one wins by a small margin. Plus it was the color of choice for the CC Cruise 2010 show. All models only wore one coat of this color on their nails.

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One iPhone, Many iPhone Cases!

How many iPhone cases does one need? Definitely more than one. My current favorite case is this Kate Spade hard case. Blame my friend M. She told me that she needed to get an iPhone case for a friend. I happily suggested a Kate Spade polka dot case. We trudged to Kate Spade after coffee about two weeks ago. Turns out that she needed the case for a male friend. So, I ended up buying this hard case for myself.

How many iPhone cases do you own and which one are you currently using?

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