He Shops, She Shops

How often do you find a significant other who shares the same passion as you in shopping? I am quite blesses in this lifetime to find one such SO!

My SO understands the needs to find the perfect pair of shoes. He understands the needs to have more than 10 pairs of slim jeans in difficult shades of denim. He know all the brand names. And the best part is that he can unearth new designers better than me!

He will walk all over Paris to all the LV boutiques to search for a belt in XS for me. We spent almost the whole day walking to all the LV boutiques in Paris so that I can exchange my S belt for an XS. We tried calling the boutiques and figured that we might as well take a “walking tour” instead.

Three days ago – after receiving news that I have lost yet another pitch, my SO decided that we should go shopping. I was not in any mood to shop. Nevertheless, my SO managed to find these two pairs of Y3. He ended up buying the white one (the Japanese Edition model. These shoes were designed to commemorate World Cup last year. So, this year, the shoes are a steal at 60% off.

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I shop, I hoard! Bad combination. I am on a daily journey to learn the art of letting go instead of acquiring more!
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