The war begins…?

The day started off beautifully at 7am. Still bathed in the glow of yesterday’s successful event with a wonderful client – I began dressing for today while holding to the positive vibes from yesterday’s event. I need lots of positive vibes today – I’ve three meetings to attend today. One of the meetings require formal attire! My very smart fashion consultants says to wear CC – so of course I did. And a little bit of CC goes a long way in boosting one’s self confidence. So all gals out there – make sure you invest in at least ONE piece of CC RTW 🙂

First meeting with a new client went very well. For once I was early for my meeting. Why was I early? I thought the meeting was at 9am when it was at 10am!

The second meeting required more preparation. So in order to be close to the meeting place – my partners and I decided to meet at The Apartment, Suria KLCC. I almost lost my concentration trying to put the presentation deck together because there was a super loud person at the next table – amplifying whatever 3 cents he had to say with his ultra loud vocal chords. I was so annoyed – I blasted out the dance music from my laptop. The second meeting went as well as can be. I forced my self to concentrate because this meeting is not just about me. I now have partners in my Digital Arm. I must not fail them. And the results of this second meeting could give us the catapulting factor we need to launch our Digital Arm successfully. Second meeting went as well as can be – there are only FOUR companies vying for the ONE top spot.

Third meeting – the client almost fell off the chair when they saw the budget estimate. However, they loved the concept – so they asked for a re-submission of two options – one with the higher budget and one with a lower budget.

My very kind colleague drove all the way back from KL – PJ. I was sleep deprived as I only slept for less than 2 hours the night before – I fell asleep from the KL – PJ drive. During the drive back to PJ – a pivotal message arrived. I was asleep and only saw the message half an hour later.

So my Facebook status was immediately changed to – “”..gonna go freaking KILL some idiotic numbskull of a cyclist who is a FUCKING shithead!!!!”

Here’s the story that sapped all the positive vibes and thoughts I carried though the day to…
Almost two years ago one of my Telco clients hired a new staff to spearhead a new department (till today I still feel strongly that this department should not exist or be managed as how it’s being currently done). For simplicity’s sake – we’ll call this new staff XX. XX has been an acquaintance of mine from BF’s circle of cyclist friends.

XX got hired because no one bothered to do a reference check on what he wrote on his resume. He practically lied on his resume to get the job. And of course he did an even more “beautiful” job at the job interview. When XX got hired – I got the FULL DETAILS of how he’ll attempt to make my life dreadful as I’m a “service provider” for that Telco.

The HR department said he cannot be fired since he was already hired…hmmmmm. So – off I went to rattle off my thoughts to his new boss. She said, “It does not matter if he cannot do the work – all that matters is that he can delegate.” Yup – isn’t this just wonderful? What a dream job – I wouldn’t mind having a job like that! And then she said, “You cannot fault a person for his character flaws.” And her last piece of suggestion for me was to become XX’s friend. Obviously – the last piece of “expert suggestion” was ignored by moi as it’s against my principal to work with someone who does not deserve the post and salary he gets by using pure lies.

So life went on – with very little jobs for my company from that Telco after this new “reorganization”. I confronted XX about his “lies” – he half denies them by saying I did not know what “BIG” events he did abroad – trust me – a lot of us in the cycling community were aware of his so called “BIG” events and how “BIG” his job scopes were at those “BIG” events.

And today – the BIG KAHUNA of all shocking news landed via a simple message to my mobile. XX told my new client that I have spun stories about my new client’s companies. I have not spoken to XX or to anyone about my new client. My new client happens to be from the same Telco XX is working for. So upon hearing my company’s name and my working with this new client – my guess is XX started spinning the tales.

I am very pissed off – but I’m really too busy to start a war. Obviously XX is has a lot of free time since his only role is to delegate out his jobs! So – to war or not to war – that is the question…

Note: for all those of you out there looking for jobs – I can pass you XX’s contact details. I am sure he can spin a beautiful fake resumes for you. And I am sure for the right price – he can even attend the job interview on your behalf so that you can clinch the job *rofl*

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