Jonathan Adler X Tumi Collaboration

The hoarder in me hoards luggage bags as well. What’s the whole point of having nice handbags and no decent luggage bags to travel with? For years – my favorite luggage brand has been Mandarina Duck. The wheels on my Mandarina Duck bags outlast the ones on my Samsonite. Samsonite is my go to luggage for work – when I have to lug extra items around for my clients when we do nationwide events for them. And I have no qualms lending my Samsonites to my colleagues for work use as well.

BF and I always have this debate on picking Rimowa vs Tumi. Tumi will win because our choice will never be Rimowa as we are more inclined towards Zero Halliburton. And since we have other luggages that are still in good working condition – we never saw the need to buy any additional luggage until we saw the Jonathan Adler X Tumi Collaboration. It was love at first sight and there was no need to think twice about purchasing the luggage!

The moment I opened up the luggage and saw the tiny airplane zipper pulls – I was totally sold! No turning back. Just had to own it!

Airplane zipper pulls

Airplane zipper pulls

This bag is cabin size with the following dimensions:
22″ X 15.75″ X 9″
56cm X 40cm X 23cm
The weight comes in at a hefty 7.2lbs (3.30 kg) with a volume capacity of 34 liters. It’s 100% polycarbonate and the lining is 100% polyester. There are four wheels underneath the bag. And the phrase “Are we there yet?” is clearly printed on the front of the bag. The bag comes with the cutest luggage tag. A Jonathan Adler X Tumi luggage tag alone will cost a fraction of the entire luggage – so you might as well get the whole luggage!
I’ve yet to put anything into the bag as I’ve not travel plans anytime soon. I am a very poor packer…a packing demonstration or attempt by me will only stress you out! So it’s better to let everyone just enjoy the exterior and interior aesthetics of this Jonathan Adler X Tumi bag!
We’ll definitely get there with or without Donkey’s “Are we there yet?” running through our heads incessantly during our journeys! Keep calm and travel in style!
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