A closetful of Chanel Bags Vs. Prescription Glasses

This morning was spent with a group of children in Desa Mentari flats. We tested 65 children for prescription glasses. 55 children needed glasses and eventually 10 adults – mostly single mothers and elderly had prescription glasses made.

This initiative was made possible by Doctor Magiswary Dorasamy and Sumitra Nair who initiated our chapter of 100 Women Who Care Community. This is based on Regina Brett’s “Empower your power by joining forces”. Every quarter we contribute Ringgit Malaysia 100 (approximately USD30) per person to a selected needy cause/organization. So with 100 women – we can raise RM10,000 (USD3k) per quarter. It’s no easy feat to manage 100 women but Doctor Magis and Sumitra manage us beautifully.

The amount we raised this round went to a group of under-privileged school children. A very kind optician, Mr. Bernard A/L David Joseph from Bernard Option in Jalan Ampang brought his equipment and a wide selection of frames on site to facilitate the eye tests.

Today’s eye-opener came from this family with six children. All six requires prescription glasses! They stay with their grand-father and he used to wonder why all his six grand-children had to sit so close to the television each time they watch something on telly. His eldest grand-daughter who is 13 got her eyes tested today and her power is 500+ for each eye! It makes me wonder how she can go through school practically “blind”! And how is it possible for her teachers to not notice that she cannot see the school boards? Her family may not have the funds to get her prescription glasses but the school or her teachers should have done something about this or even highlight this to her family and suggest some possible ways for her family to get her prescription glasses.

And what does all this have to do with Chanel bags? Silly me had to carry one of my Chanel bags to the event this morning. I was just too lazy to change bags this morning. I just plonked my bag on the table this morning and then immediately felt guilty after converting the money spent on the bag to the number of prescription glasses I could have supplied to under-privileged children!

To make matters worse (and my second eye-opener) РI then discovered one of our founding members for this charity initiative is married to a Professor at a local university. And her husband, the Professor, has been giving free tuition to the children at Desa Mentari for the past FIVE years! If I had not stock up on more Chanel bags РI could have funded tertiary education for some of these children!

I am now officially on a Chanel bag ban!

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