Melbourne Peking Duck

I should have listened to my cousin – she said the food at Melbourne Peking Duck is so so. But of course I had to try it!

When we arrived – there were only 3 tables with customers. So the service was quite good. Service staff was attentive and very quick to respond to our requests. Don’t quite understand why Chilly Oil is not available in the restaurant. The restaurant serves other Chinese food like sweet and sour pork (not exactly if pork is served there but if they don’t serve pork – then it’s sweet and sour chicken) and assorted stir-fried vegetables. I did not really look at the whole menu as I was only interested in trying out the duck.

BF was eating with me and we decided to order the set for 3-4 pax. We get one whole duck, noodles and a soup.

The duck was wheeled out and when the server started cutting the duck – I already knew it was not going to be great. The server just cut the duck in large crudely cut pieces. There was no serving the crispy duck skin first. BF, who studied in Melbourne, said in Melbourne, it’s not the done thing to serve the duck skin first. I hope he remembered correctly as it has been eons since he left Melbourne and he has yet to go there for a visit. The chopsticks I was given felt filthy and had an oily feel to it! I took out my own wet wipes to clean the chopsticks instead of asking for a new pair. Although the servers were not exactly busy with other customers, they did not help pour the tea our from the teapot! They could have at least poured the first cup of tea for us!

The duck was mediocre, the sauce to go with the duck was normal – nothing spectacular – if you eat in a cheap dim sum place – you’ll be served this same sauce! The duck was crudely cut and in large pieces. The cucumber and spring onions were also crudely cut! The noodle was soggy and oily and the soup was not sour enough! BF sums it up that people who do not know how to cook and serve Peking Duck should not be in the business!

The cost of the set we ordered was RM88 (USD35).

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