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So it looks as though Kimora Lee Simmons will soon have PR status over here in Malaysia with the Ritz-Carlton as her residence! Just joking!

Today was the launch of Starhill Gallery Luxury Channel. Please visit:

The Luxury Channel is an e-gallery/video gallery to showcase the world of luxury retail to all. This should appeal more to a younger discerning audience who are more tech-savvy than their parents! I’ve watched a couple of videos and I personally feel that the videos lack the “luxury” feel. One video in particular –, “Casual Friday To Girls Night Out” – seriously – if you are a working gal (as depicted in the video) – you’ll NEVER have enough time to go to the hairdresser’s to have your hair fixed before dashing off for your night out with friends!

The video is not very well-shot at all. It does not have a “luxurious” feel. And the background music for the video does not add any further luxe to the video! The most “luxe” item is probably getting the hair done part!

A small hotel in Bangkok called Ten Face can shoot better videos than the Luxury Channel. When you check into Ten Face, you get an iPod filled with “introductory” videos to Bangkok – things to do and places to go. How is it possible that a SMALL hotel in Bangkok can shoot and produce better videos than Starhill, which is backed by a huge conglomerate!

Joseph Yeoh, VP of YTL Land & Development + YTL Hotels & Properties, is a brilliant speaker. He spoke with such class and clarity – it was a great pleasure to hear him speak. I just wished his suit fitted him better!

Kimora Lee Simmons was at the event to officially launch Starhill Gallery’s Luxury Channel. We were all made to wait more than an hour for her to appear. Quite unforgivable, I must say. She “explained” that she had a “wardrobe malfunction” – and had to switch to the red lacy outfit that she wore for the event. She said the dress she wore was too tight (or it was just an excuse for the earlier “wardrobe malfunction”).  She did however make up for her “lateness” by agreeing to take photos with almost everyone in attendance!

The emcee for the event, did a semi-great job in containing everyone at the event area while we waited for the VIPs to arrive. The servers kept on serving drinks when they should have brought out the food instead! So by the time we actually sat down and ate – the food had gone cold and the sandwiches were super dry!

I was given to understand that this launch was a last minute event. This event most likely happened because Kimora Lee Simmons agreed to officiate the launch. The whole event was so haphazard! It was as though no one briefed the VIPs. The launch gambit was a rather pathetic plasma ball (which Kimora Lee Simmons sportingly “played” with after the gambit) – the VIPs were supposed to place the hands on the plasma ball and the launch video will play.

The three VIPs walked towards the plasma ball and there was no cue as to when they should place their hands on the ball. So Kimora Lee Simmons saved the day – she counted “1, 2, 3” – and this happened after some slight hesitation on the other two VIPs as to what to do. The video plays and the three VIPs awkwardly stood on the stage to watch the video!

After the video, Kimora Lee Simmons received a bouquet of flowers from Joseph Yeoh and a Valentino gift. The PR and Marketing Director of YTL Land, Yulia Dolmatova, grabbed the bag from Kimora, then her assistant pulled out the box, ripped the wrapping apart, and took out the red Valentino bag – and again – the “same” gift – now opened and exposed, was handed to Kimora Lee Simmons for more photo op! Whether or not this was a last minute event – all these should have been planned and thought through properly!

And later, during the Q&A session with Kimora Lee Simmons and Joseph Yeoh – the removal and replacement of seats on the stage was so not well planned! Three Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs were removed and replaced with two single seater sofas. The staff movement were so messy! At our last event for one of our clients – we had our staff REHEARSE the removal of chairs! Clearly – some organizers do not care for such “trivial” matters.

And later – during the “photo op” with Kimora Lee Simmons – more chairs were moved around. Even the registration table was moved to the front of the photo wall (I have no idea why this was done) and then the table was later removed. Before Kimora Lee Simmons took photos with us – the lowly public – some YTL higher ranking staff and even the emcee herself dashed up to take photos with Kimora Lee Simmons – what happened to “customer” and “guests” first?!

Kimora Lee Simmons was really nice to take photos with everyone present for the event. With better organization – the photo session or the so-called “meet & greet” would have been less painful for all parties involved.

The Luxury Channel is a great initiative by Starhill Gallery and I really hope they will deliver! And seriously – a near flawless event can be planned in a short time – you just need a fantastic team to work with!

Kimora Lee Simmons shared some tips on how to look good for cameras with the audience in the below video.

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