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Hackett used to be one of BF’s favorite brand. He got his first few Hackett items when we were in London 15 years back. And wherever we travel (not that we have a lot of chances to travel due to our work nature) – he’ll stock up on Hackett items. A couple of years back – you’ll notice a rampant increase of “Hackett” wearers. Either FOS/The Reject Shop started selling “Hackett”. BF, being quite a fashion snob – stopped wearing Hackett. And we also tend to not buy a particular brand when we can procure items from that brand locally. I think we always love the chase more! When Hackett first opened it’s door at Pavilion’s Fashion Avenue, BF did not even bother venturing in! Chase over! Game over!

The main celebrity guest for Hackett’s Launch is Kimora Lee Simmons. Menswear and Kimora? Hmmm…a celebrity is still a celebrity, I guess! She is super skinny irl. Always had the impression that she is a wee bit bigger! Perhaps she recently lost weight! Am not a celebrity hound dog – so go google the information yourself if you want to know if Kimora Lee Simmons had recently lost weight! She made a spectacular entrance accompanied by a very dapper male from the Melium team.

After the fashion show – the male models posed with Kimora Lee Simmons! It appears as though the organizer wanted her to go up on stage! Kimora Lee Simmons is no newbie and was quick to summon everyone down to her side of the floor! The models had to come down from the stage and move towards the right of the stage where she was seated on the front row. A bowler hat was passed to Kimora Lee Simmons and she “sportingly” put in on and very quickly removed it less than 60 seconds later. Seriously – which woman will want to ruin her hair by putting on a hat! She had her hair done by  a local hairdresser (one which I dropped after ONE try with her years back). Seriously! Local organizers need to learn where to draw the line. And Kimora Lee Simmons’ local promoter should have stepped in! In fact, all these matters should have been pre-discussed way before the appearance!

I believe Kimora Lee Simmons’ local “promoter” is our famous lady promoter who has had the most number of mishaps and no-shows in her work history. Not exactly sure WHY anyone still wants to work with this said promoter. Or why anyone in the international circuit will still want to work with this promoter.

Hackett officially launched it’s KL store tonight in Pavilion. The launch is also held in conjunction with Pavilion’s Fashion Pitstop. And the Fashion Pitstop ties in nicely with F1 which is currently happening here in KL.

Love the stage set-up with the pile of vintage-looking luggage in the centre. All the beautiful and well-dressed KL-ites in attendance made the whole event look beautiful. Yours truly was severely under-dressed! I had a work presentation to a potential new client right before the event. Did to want to “scare” the new clients off by over-dressing and really could not be bothered to lug a change of clothes. Anyway – I was supposed to head off to Suria KLCC for another event cum concert. I later bailed out on the Suria KLCC event as one of the “organizers” is not my favorite local organizer. Had a nasty run-in, work-wise, with them two years ago.

Really love the whole set-up outside the boutique with the many areas for photo ops. Just did not like the huge inflatable light set-up right at the front. That’s is such a passé item! And we only propose that to clients when the client has no budget!  F&B service was rather poor today – very slow and probably not enough servers! I was too stuffed from dinner with my friends right before the event to try any of the canapés served today. It’s never a good idea to serve something too soupy during such events – my partner in crime spilled soup on her Valentino top! Someone bumped into her! Come to think of it – she should have demanded for the organizer to pay for her dry cleaning! And I hope her Valentino top is not ruined!

Click the below showreel to watch the models in action:

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