Eating for ONE

Today, while I was having my dinner for one – it dawned on me that I should blog about my food. I’ve been posting my food pics up on my FB and my FB friends often ask me where I got my food from. I normally PM them back as I have this scary FB “friend” who’ll go where I’ve been and eat what I’ve eaten. And then this person will act as though the place was discovered by me second!

I am very comfortable eating alone. I am also comfortable being alone. I remembered the look of horror on one of my client’s face when he found me eating alone in a coffee shop near his office. I had to assure him that it’s no big deal eating alone and it’s OKAY to be alone and eat alone! I’m one of those who can go watch a movie alone. Unfortunately, the last time I did that – the seat gave way and I ended up on the floor! Lucky it was halfway through the movie and I quietly moved to another seat! I was too embarrassed then, to kick up a fuss. I should have kicked up a fuss and demanded for a free ticket or a full refund!

Today’s dinner for one was a delightful cold noodle. Everyone is doing charcoal buns for their burgers here. So now, we have charcoal noodles! It looks like fettuccine but tastes less chewy compared to fettuccine.

I ordered the Cold Charcoal Noodle with Vinegar, Garlic and Lychee! The combination was amazing. The blandness of the noodle brought out the taste of vinegar and fried garlic  very nicely. And the lychee shreds went so well with the vinegar. I just wished the noodles were colder. But I won’t complain for the price. A small bowl just costs RM4.90 – this is approximately USD1.50!!!

I ordered the set for a grand total of RM17. The set comes with 6 pieces of wontons and a drink. I had wonton with chicken ham, pineapple and cheese! Just imagine any Hawaiian pizza but instead of pizza dough – the ingredients are wrapped inside wonton skins! The wontons were crunchy. Everything was served in large paper bowl.

There is a self-service area with all the condiments. Did not manage to take a picture of the condiments – they have very interesting condiments – chilly oil for the noodles, cheese dips, etc. So the possibilities are endless.

I wish they had informed me that they would be closing soon when I placed my order. I am a slow eater and I hate to rush through my food. So out of “courtesy” for the service staff there – I finished my noodles, ate 2 wontons and had the other 4 pieces packed to go.

Where to go: Little Wonton | 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL | Tel: +603-2202-2613

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