M·A·C – Pucker Up and Kiss Archie

I have vague recollection of the M·A·C Counter in Lot 10 in the 90′ with RuPaul! M·A·C officially signed on the first drag queen supermodel with RuPaul’s endorsement. A company that dare to make such a huge statement is obviously destined for success.

And M·A·C did not disappoint with their other collaborations. Of course being a Hello Kitty fan, the Hello Kitty collaboration tops my list. M.A.C just has a knack for picking hugely popular icons to collaborate with – Wonder Woman, Barbie & Venomous Villians (Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and the Evil Queen from Snow White). Who collaborates with villains? M·A·C does and that makes M·A·C brilliant! Who else but M.A.C will work with a 90-year old model, Iris Apfel. However I am not too sure about Nicki Minaj – sorry Nicki – am just not one of your fans!

M·A·C also has great programs for social initiatives. In particular – the aids fun. 34 million was raised in 2010 by way of the Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper VIVA GLAM campaign! I love to support companies with social responsibilities and green initiatives.

Today’s launch is with Betty & Veronica – Archie’s girls. Practically everyone I know grew up with Archie comics! I’ve to go dig up my stash of Archie comics later! So obviously – you have colors to bring out the Betty in you and colors to bring out the posh Veronica in you!

I love the whole set-up – hearts and more hearts everywhere. Even the serving trays were heart-shaped. Fab looking waiters dressed in white polo tees and a red bow served the food! Why hearts? It’s probably because Archie is in this perpetual love triangle with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge! And the use of the red and white retro paper straw went very nicely with the event. Food served was quite in theme! Mini hot dogs – Hot Dog is Jughead’s dog – but this is probably a fluke on the organizer’s part! There should be mini pizza’s as well as there are several pizza related stories especially where Jughead is concerned in Archie comics. Food choice was most probably based on an American diner! And of course there was also a juke box as decor! I can attest that it’s extremely difficult to find or rent a juke box in good ol’ kay el! Wished they played Retro American music at the function, though!

There is even kissing booth with Archie, Betty and Veronica standing by to pose with you. It’s not everyday that you get to kiss “Archie” – so I had to pucker up – but not before of the M·A·C make-up artists applied a Betty-colored themed lipstick on my lips! Would have been more fun if we had the chance to dress up as Betty/Veronica! Well – a girl can’t have everything!

There were two-faced photo wall – this is a good call on the organizer’s part – it lessens up the queue time and lucky there were two photo walls – one side of the wall had better lighting than the other! Wish they had not ran out of press releases, though! What happened to keeping extras or having your PR agencies run off to xerox more?

Love the door gift – a box of heart-shaped mints, a lipstick and eye shadow. Or maybe I just love it because it had some of my favorite comic characters on it?!

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