Celebration with Friends

My wonderful gal pals from Penang decided to surprise me this year by coming all the way to KL to celebrate my birthday! It was supposed to be on a smaller scale but since they had to drive 4 hours to get here – we “expanded” the “party”. Am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many great friends! Almost everyone who came to the party – we’ve known for one to two decades or even longer!

We had an awesome photographer on hand to make all of us look “younger”! And all the ladies went home with a small vase of “eternal flowers” to symbolize our long friendship!

These cupcakes were ordered so every guests can pick their next handbag purchase! Those who came with their spouses – this cupcake holds the promise that you’ve to buy your wife the bag you picked in real life before the end of this year! We girls are not that “unkind” – we’ll give our men “time” to gather the Birkin fund or to make the Chanel purchase!

These very same cupcakes also serve as a reminder to me how true and real friends are so hard to come by. Two years ago – I rushed to have these same-themed cupcakes made for a very “un-deserving” friend cum business partner. I thought she had all those bags that I ordered as the cupcake topper! Little did I know – she carried fake bags. I was very sore and till now – we are slowly mending our friendship.

Instead of adding decor for the night – a world renowned  “fortune teller” was hired at the party to give everyone little insights into their radiant and glorious future. Hope everyone had fun and thank you again for making last night so special!



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