Seriously – why bother having a pitch when you don’t award the pitch to the company that comes in with the lowest quote (with all other factors remaining equal – design, concept, etc). At least I will lose my pitch in style with this gift from CHANEL.

CHANEL thinks of everything. I am so thrilled to receive this. It’s so thoughtful of them to include two small claw clips with the Chanel branding on them plus several black bobby pins. You can use the clips to hold back your hair while applying makeup. The clips are too pretty for that purpose only – I’m wearing one of them out today!

The other items in the box was a makeup sponge and a kabuki brush!

Thank you CHANEL for this beautiful gift. It made my day and made up for my losing a pitch!

And the world did not end today as “prophecized”! Anyway – how can the world end when I have a beautiful hair clip to wear? I am off to shop now that the world is not ending. Everyone needs new clothes and bags to continue living!

Happy so-called “Doomsday” and Happy Winter Solstice!

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