Prada Made-To-Measure Shirts

I have always been a huge fan of Prada shirts. And BF is also a fan of Prada shirts. A couple of months back – we got a call from the boutique to have own MTM shirts made. Obviously – we could not resist. Unfortunately – the MTM shirts were only for MEN! What a total disappointment for me! I forced them to make one for me as they had a print in camouflage! I am a huge camouflage print fanatic.

Less than 2 months plus later – the shirts were ready. Unfortunately – due to work – we only managed to go see the shirts yesterday. BF’s shirts fitted perfectly. Mine was a bit of a disappointment – it was too big as they did not have a “template” for female sizing. So my shirt has to be re-altered to fit me better. And I made the mistake of having it short instead of a bit longer – now – the shirt length hovers slightly above the hips.

The print, however, is TDF! And of course the allure of being the only woman in South East Asia to order a Prada MTM was simply too┬áirresistible. Am sure I’ll figure out a way to make the shirt work. And I’ll know how to order my next MTM Prada shirt next year!


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