Open Toe Boots

Honestly, I’ve never been a boots person. The weather here simply does not agree with boots. I’ll not even wear a pair of H boots here!

However, these Chanel Open Toe Boots – love at first sight! I first saw them on the CC runway during the Resort 2012 show. Had a good look at them when I was at the local show. Loved them but never thought I would ever wear them.

Out of the blue one day, I saw a pair in my size at the local boutique here. The SAs here christened the shoes/boots Cinderella shoes as NO ONE could wear them. Firstly the size was too small and those with fatter calves could never pull the boots past their calves!

I tried them on and even fussy BF said they were gorgy. Took them home, hoarded them, and finally wore them yesterday.

They were a bit hard between the big toe and the second toe. Hopefully it will soften a bit with more wear.

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