STRESSED is DESSERTS spelt backwards…

The million dollar question that everyone eventually faces at least once in a lifetime…what do you give someone who has everything?

For me this round – I have to find a perfect gift to give someone who has more handbags than yours truly here. She has everything under the sky – Birkins – normal and exotics, Reissues, Classic Flaps, GSTs, and get this…at least 25 Balenciagas! And those are just naming a mere “handful” of what she owns.

Over coffee with my long time buddy last Saturday, I stressed over this question. Then it dawned on me that I should give her “handbags”. First, I wanted to do a giant Birkin as she just received the BJ Birkin from her mom as a birthday gift.

I called two of the bakeries that I normally work with. Both have performed miracles for me before but both said it cannot be done in less than 48 hours. So finally, I tried another baker. See the end result for yourself.

The next day, I hunted for a cupcake stand. Found the stand, and had to increase the order for the cupcakes! Lucky the baker complied!

Then today, the baker said the cupcakes may not fit on the stand! I had no time to try them out on the stands as they stand was not fully assembled when I picked up the cupcakes. More stress! Lucky the cupcakes look very presentable on the tray. So if the stand fails, I shall present them on the cake board.

I arrived at the venue. Even the weather cooperated. The rain stopped. I had earlier roped one of my buddies to lure the birthday to the ladies on the pretext of wanting to have a private chat with her. However, my buddy does not know the birthday girl very well. Luckily, one of the guests who is close to the birthday gal arrived early. So I briefed her on the game plan.

Birthday girl went to the ladies. We arranged the cupcakes on the stand. Birthday girl saw the “surprise” and loves it. So, mission accomplished.

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I shop, I hoard! Bad combination. I am on a daily journey to learn the art of letting go instead of acquiring more!
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One Response to STRESSED is DESSERTS spelt backwards…

  1. Larkie says:

    LOVE this pressie you got for her–she’s a lucky gal to have you as a friend!!

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